The Impaled One


A primitive god that goes by many names, the most common of which is The Impaled One / The Horned One.

The Impaled One is inherently a god of relationships, not discerning between idyllic loves of a happy marriage or the terror and victimization of an abusive relationship. This god only cares for the bonds formed between people, the stronger and more reliant the better.

Images of The Horned One vary hugely from area to area, but they all share three features; The figure is in some way horned, (be it a single protrusion to a crown of four or more of antlers), the icon is in some way impaled in the pit of the stomach, from pitchfork to spear to ornamented stake, and the god themselves is of indeterminate gender.

Churches to The Impaled One are rare, and in some places, prohibited. Small shrines and offering cairns still crop up occasionally, usually in places where two streams or rivers meet. Superstitious folk still say that an offering to The Horned One will ensure a happy relationship, and many young lovers and suspicious spouses will leave the god tokens to ensure their bonds remain strong.

The Impaled One

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