Vorn is a grim god of rain, rust and steel. Commonly accepted throughout both human and dwarven lands, Vorn is worshiped by blacksmiths and soldiers, and others who can appreciate the capacity for even strong materials to be destroyed through time.

Churches to Vorn are relatively common, cold places, disinguished by their main hallway being lined with displayed suits of armour, the roof above them perforated to let them rust and decay with the elements. Despite this, temples to Vorn often also serve as armouries, the view taken that the sacrificial armour in the main hallways will encourage Vorn to overlook those kept, oiled, in warm and dry rooms within.

Icons and shrines to Vorn invariably feature a stern-faced helm, often left outside to rust and decay in the elements. Poorer houses will instead hang a length of chain from their eaves.


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